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  • SJ & SE Oates Rural Contracting

    Spraying contractor
    • Broadacre Spraying, Spraying
    • Updated 4 months ago


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“I was looking for farm work and my friend told me to have a look on Contractor Cloud. So I signed up to the website. Couple of days later I was speaking to the owners of the farm on the phone, and within a week I was on the farm working. A great way of getting 2 parties together. Highly recommend!”
Meet, Max
“We contacted Contractor Cloud when we required labourers to work on our broadacre farm. The process was really quick and easy with applicants emailing us in a matter of days. We filled the positions within a week and the successful applicants fitted into our daily program really well. The Contractor Cloud team were efficient and a pleasure to work with and we’d definitely use them again in the future.”
Paul Kerin
– 'Oakey'

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