Contractor Cloud End of Financial Year Update

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How hard could it be?

Born from the imagination of two country lads, the phrase “too easy” was thrown around more than the wool off a sheep’s back! Build a website, and all will be good… right? Well… maybe not so much, but 6 months young Contractor Cloud is up and running and has changed surprisingly a lot, therefore we wanted to share with you some of our favourite updates:

  1. Update No. 1: Bookmarks
    • You can now bookmark your favourite contractors or jobs… No need to write them down, or save a link – simply hit the bookmark button and next time you login you can access your bookmarks straight from your profile.
  2. Update No. 2: Job Statistics
    • You’ve posted a job, but how many people are viewing it? With Job Statistics, you can now login and see exactly how many people have viewed your job. Simple.
  3. Update No. 3: Website Speed
    • Rural Australia has its many pluses, but we all know that internet speed isn’t always its strong point. To make life easier for everyone, we’ve invested time and money to make Contractor Cloud faster! Contractor Cloud has now increased its page load time by more than 50%.
  4. Update No. 4: User Interface Improvements
    • For those who have been with us since day 1, you would have noticed significant changes in the look and feel of the platform. We are constantly working on improving different aspects of Contractor Cloud, making sure its simple and easy navigation remains a high priority.
  5. Update No. 5: Contractor Cloud Video
    • Still not sure what Contractor Cloud is about? Check out our video! We teamed up with the creative talents at Entropico to create a short clip to explain what we are all about.

If you have a suggestion or any general feedback, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]