Harvest Watch – Rice

Rice Harvest has kicked off across Australia

Rice Harvest has kicked off across Australia

Contractor Cloud’s Harvest Watch is focused on the rice harvest currently being completed across Eastern Australia! The rice industry has defied a tough water year to record solid yields as harvest gets under way.

Believe it or not, despite our arid geography and dry climate Australia is an important grower of rice for the Asian market, with local growers ranking among the best in the world. Australian farmers provide sought-after product to the rice-loving continent, with 80 per cent of their harvests exported overseas. Due to our natural environment, Australia actually produces some of the best rice on the planet!

Australian growers produce more rice per hectare than anywhere else in the world. The Australian rice industry leads the world in water use efficiency. From paddock to plate, Australian grown rice uses 50% less water than the global average.Rice growers’ Association of Australia president Jeremy Morton said that this years national rice crop was expected to be in the “200,000-plus (tonne) bracket” which is great considering the dry start many farmers faced. The rice industry typically generates around $800 million in revenue per year for Australia.

The majority of this years harvest will be sold to Ricegrowers Limited who market under the SunRice brand. SunRice has been marketing rice to Australians for over 50 years and is one of Australia’s largest exporters of branded food products and one of the world’s largest rice food companies. Interestingly, you need a licence to grow rice in Australia. Rice can only be grown on approved heavy, clay soil that minimises seepage into water tables. Soil tests must show more than three metres of heavy, continuous clay to allow for unrestricted rice growing. Once a farm has been approved for rice production, many farmers opt to design a whole farm plan to assist in the management of natural resources and determine suitable crop rotations.

Contractor Cloud wishes all rice growers a bountiful harvest and reminds everyone that whether they require mechanical or manual harvesting, to post the job on Contractor Cloud  to satisfy all harvest requirements.