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Harvesting Mayhem – Tips and Tricks for Successful Harvesting

Ag Contractor Harvesting Wheat Crop

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Most of Australia’s farmers are approaching the annual frenzy of harvest! Whether that be keeping the fuel up to their harvester, manning the phones, organising trucks back and forth from the crop to the silo, or being Johny repair man for all the breakdowns. Harvesting can be both the most stressful and rewarding time of the year for Aussie farmers!

We have put together Contractor Cloud tips and tricks for successful harvesting:

  1. Have a plan B, when your harvester gets caught at his prior client due to breakdowns or weather, have an emergency plan in place. Once you have done all the hard work, the worst outcome is a crop downgrade due to unavailability of harvesters.
  2. Get your firefighting equipment ready and tested, machinery and especially harvesters are known for starting crop fires. The last thing you need is a fire wiping out months of love watching your masterpiece grow.
  3. Monitor the market, due to supply and demand forces the commodity prices will wildly fluctuate as the first yields are known and the impact of global weather is assessed. Farmers should be assessing and reassessing whether on farm storage is a better option than going straight to market.
  4. Have the rest of your farm up to speed so you don’t get distracted. Your livestock or other farm commitments don’t disappear during harvesting, as much as you can, have your other jobs up to scratch so you can focus on the most important part of your farm calendar.

That’s this weeks Tips and Tricks … next week we will be exploring the debate to Till or not to Till, that is the question!

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