• Mary Valley Holdings

    Rock Grinding & Vegetation Management
    • Earthworks, Fencing, General Contractor Services, Harvest Services, Land Preparation, Mower Conditioning Services, Roads, Tractor Driver
    • Updated 4 months ago
  • Graham Elliot

    Farming Contractor, Speed Tilling, Precision Chop Silage, Bulk Haulage
    • Hay / Silage Services, Speed Tilling / Discs, Transport and Freight
    • Updated 5 months ago
  • Boolah Contracting

    Boolah Contracting- Planting Spraying, Spreading, Cotton Picking and haulage
    • Broadacre Spraying, Earthworks, Farm Management, Fertiliser Spreading, Harvest Services, Picking, Sowing, Spreading, Transport and Freight, Windrowing
    • Updated 6 months ago
  • Andrew Petty

    Cotton/hay contractor
    • Baling (Square), Broadacre Spraying, Fertiliser Spreading, Spraying, Windrowing
    • Updated 10 months ago
  • Armin Rothmaier

    Wheat Harvest Contractor, corn silage, farm work
    Australia (multi-locations)
    • Animal Husbandry, Casual Worker / Farm Hand, Earthworks, Fabrication and Repairs, Forklift Driver, Harvest Contractors (Mixed), Harvest Drivers, Harvesting (Cereals), Harvesting (Oil Seeds), Hay / Silage Services, Machine Operator (General), Mechanic, Silage, Sowing, Stockman, Summer Grain Production, Tilling Services, Tractor Driver, Windrowing
    • Updated 11 months ago
  • Erez Yakoby

    General farm hand, fast learner
    • Casual Worker / Farm Hand, Cattle Work, Dairy Services, Fencing, Harvest Services, Harvesting (Cereals), Harvesting (Cotton), Harvesting (Legumes), Harvesting (Oil Seeds), Machine Operator (General), Picking, Seed Spreading, Sheep Work (General), Spraying, Summer Grain Production, Winter Grain Production, Wrapping
    • Updated 12 months ago
  • matt zanker

    Rural Fencing Contractor
    • Broadacre Spraying, Chaser Bin Contractors, Drenching, Electric Fencing, Fence Renovation, Fencing, Forklift Driver, General Contractor Services, Harvest Drivers, Harvesting (Cereals), Harvesting (Legumes), Harvesting (Oil Seeds), Lamb Marking, Machine Operator (General), MC Licence, Mustering, Post Driving, Rouseabout, Sheep Work (General), Sowing, Spot Spraying, Tractor Driver, Vaccination, Windrowing, Winter Grain Production, Woolclasser, Workshop Organising
    • Updated 1 year ago
  • Jason Mcdermott

    Tractor driving
    • Forklift Driver, Handyman, Silage, Sowing, Tractor Driver, Working Visa
    • Updated 1 year ago
  • boolah

    Broad acre/irrigation contracting
    • Earthworks, Farm Management, Harvest Services, Hay / Silage Services, Sowing, Spraying, Spreading, Tilling Services, Transport and Freight
    • Updated 1 year ago
  • David Schuckar DASMechanical

    Diesel Mechanic & Hay Contractor
    Australia (multi-locations)
    • Baling (Square), Mechanic
    • Updated 1 year ago