Experienced 26 year old machine operator (Tractors and Headers)

I’ve lived and worked on a farm my whole life in southern New Zealand. Seeking full time employment with immediate start. I’m a hard worker I’m accustomed to putting in long hours of operating a variety of machines. I’ve worked 2 seasons on sugar cane and cotton Warren NSW and Mackey. Looking for my next full time job.

Worked and lived on farms my entire life

  • 10 + years experience Tractor Operator / Driving
  • 10+ years experience Header Operator
  • 10 + years experience Digger Driving
  • 10+ years Farm Supervisor


​LJ​ ​Contracting​ ​Southland​ ​NewZealand

​(2012​ ​-​ ​2016) Manager

​Managing a team of grass silage workers and assuring that jobs were finished properly and on time, dealing with clients, drafting contracts, creating schedules and managing overall operations and workplace safety.

Meiers​ ​Contracting​ ​Taupo​ ​North​ ​Island​ ​New​ ​Zealand

​(2009​ ​-​ ​2010) Manager

​Driving a stack tractor stacking silage and managing a crew of silage workers and ensuring all jobs were completed properly and on time. Managing workers and clients on a daily basis. Assisting with hiring new workers and ensuring a safe work environment.

Jaesea​ ​farms​ ​limited​ ​-​ ​My​ ​parents​ ​farm

(My​ ​entire​ ​life​ ​) Owner

Working and managing a large dairy farm with my family working all jobs that you can think of. Managing workers, caring for livestock, operating machines, working long hours.