I am skilled in basic mechanics skills on majority farm machinery and vehicles. Have experience in driving
majority farm machinery such as; trucks, forklifts, spray machinery and tractors. I am able and work well
with others in a team in a work shop environment or on a job site or in a field. Can also work well
independently in any environment.

I am willing to learn any new skills and happy to follow leadership or be a leading role. I have experience
in chemical mixing, handling, and application. I am experienced in fertilization spreading such as the
spreading of urea. I am experienced in driving machinery with things attached such as orgers, bins,
trailers, spreaders.

I am experienced in working in a work shop doing general repairs to trailers, machinery and vehicles. Can
build or repair things and can do all basic work shop requirements, such as using power tools, welding,
grinding and crafting with steel.

I have lots of experience working on farms and can follow any rules that may apply to certain areas of
properties. I am basic in working with any livestock and I am willing to be taught any new skills about
them and gain any experience that can be offered from working with them.

I am a good communicator, I can follow instructions and be taught new skills with ease and will pick it up
quickly. I am open to learn any new experiences that can be taught to me and I’m willing to go through
any courses that may be necessary for me to improve in my skills in the work place.


Agri tech services


Agri tech services is a spraying contract business. I started working in this business when I first left
school, I started as a water carter, and gained experience in driving vehicles such as small trucks and
operating pumps, I then advanced in the same company to a chemical mixer. This included the collection,
handling and mixing of the chemicals and the experience of driving a vehicle towing heavy trailers. I then
left the company for a year. But returned to advance to being promoted to driving and operating the spray
machinery. I also learned basic work shop repairs on machinery, pumps, trailers and vehicles. I learnt
how to build things such as frames for tanks, parts for trailers and learnt some basic welding

B.J and J.M Trounson


B.J and J.M Trounson is a contract service that offers spraying, and other services such as harvesting
during the harvest season. I worked in this company for about a year here I gained experience in driving
small and larger trucks carting water back to the spray machine drivers. I also gained experience in the
wheat harvest driving a chaser bin and operating orgers.